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The TA.XTplus Texture Analyser

About the instruments

The TA.XTplus Texture Analyser presents a small portable solution for your texture analysis testing, measuring up to 50kg in force, and is consequently the most popular choice for universal texture analysis.

The TA.XTplus100 retains the benefits of the TA.XTplus, with the additional capability of utilising forces up to 100kg, along with an improved distance resolution, doubled to 0.0005mm.

Alternatively, the TA.HDplus Texture Analyser offers a maximum force capacity of 750kg (7.5kN), and a family of intelligent, factory calibrated loadcells down to 0.5kg. It can perform precision testing to a few grams without compromising accuracy, whilst providing the required rigidity to accommodate measurements of considerably higher force for heavy duty applications. The greater testing bed area and height range offer the ability to test much larger samples within a twin column frame, making this instrument the obvious choice for users testing a wide range of products, or for those who have an uncertain future product testing requirement.

The TA.XTExpress is an entry level and QC-based texture analysis option when compared to our sophisticated full-featured Plus range. It offers cost-effective portable analysis for a wide range of low force applications. With a choice of two dedicated software packages or keypad operation, the instrument is easily configured to meet the user's exact requirements. Test profiles are stored for immediate use and the results analysed automatically using either 'in-built' Standards, such as TPA or Bloom, or product specific procedures.

Employ your texture analyser to:

Provide an objective quantifiable result which can be archived and retrieved for future viewing

Assess raw materials or excipients, semi-finished goods, packaging and finished products

Determine the effects of formulation or processing variables on end product acceptability

Assess changes during storage or transportation

Compare with competitive products

Substantiate your product claims

Determine the physical properties of your 'gold standard' product for future consistent quality control

Texture Analysis probes

Probes & Fixtures

The Texture Analyser uses a range of different probes and fixtures according to your specific application.

Exponent Software


Whether you require a simple test and data analysis solution or a fully featured software package – we give you the choice.

Texture Analyser assmbly line

Temperature Control

If your product is temperature sensitive, we have a range of temperature monitoring and controlling options.

Acoustic Envelope Detector setup

Measure More than Force

By attaching peripheral devices you can collect additional measurement parameters during your standard texture analysis test.

Automated Linear Indexing System


Find out how to increase your sample throughput, walk away time and testing efficiency with several automation options.

Texture Analyser layout

More information

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